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I’ve had my water filtration for a few weeks now, but I noticed the difference from day one. It felt great getting this system installed into my new home before running water through my major appliances. Quality service all around! Shoutout to Jeff who introduced and presented me with the benefits of this wonderful system! – Robert Rodell 

I’ve had the system for close to a month now and I can definitely tell the difference. The water taste so good and clean! Noticed no more calcium buildup in my sinks. Still waiting on the soaps and cleaning products, will review those later. But, I highly recommend getting the system installed!The entire process was quick and easy. – Brenda Moz 

My wife and I love our water filtration system. Other companies have came by but their product pails in comparison to Texas Water Filtration Systems. The unit is aesthetically pleasing compared to other brands. What makes this company top notch is their superior customer service. -Dan Chavez

So far, so good. After a couple weeks we have had zero issues. Installation and sales staff have been very helpful. Good way to guarantee your water using appliances. Hoping it will increase my resale value in my area. Water is noticibely softer, tastes better, etc. -Nate Hendricks

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